Marxism and postmodernism

Getting to grips with post-modernism

Submitted on 15 October, 2005 - 01:32 :: Marxism and postmodernism

Click here for Tony Brown's article from Workers' Liberty 55.

The critique of capitalism: the writings of Ellen Meiksins Wood in review

Submitted on 15 October, 2005 - 01:00 :: Marxism and postmodernism

The lesson that we may be obliged to draw from our current economic and political condition is that a humane, ‘social’, truly democratic and equitable capitalism is more unrealistically utopian than socialism” concludes Ellen Wood in Democracy against capitalism (p 293).

Modernism and postmodernism in architecture

Submitted on 14 October, 2005 - 23:54 :: Marxism and postmodernism | Workers' Liberty 11, January 1989

Some architects defend hated modern buildings by saying "The Eiffel Tower (Crystal Palace, etc.) was hated in its day!" However, many modern buildings were not hated or protested about in their "day". It's now, after years of looking at them, that the outcry has come against soulless tower blocks and ugly offices. In their day they were praised.

"Post-Fordism": collapsing into the present

Submitted on 14 October, 2005 - 23:48 :: Marxism and postmodernism | Workers' Liberty 11, January 1989

Capitalism has changed and is changing. Vast new areas in the Third World have industrialised. The introduction of small, cheap, flexible computers is revolutionising finance, administration, retailing, manufacturing. The majority of the workforce in many capitalist countries is now "white-collar" - but white-collar work is becoming more industrial.

Melting Modernity: the demons of open society. LSE public lecture

Submitted on 12 October, 2005 - 21:28 :: Marxism and postmodernism
2005/10/20 - 18:30

Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE, Houghton St, London

The lasting legacy of Derrida

Submitted on 23 November, 2004 - 06:26 :: Marxism and postmodernism | Obituaries | Solidarity 3/62, 18 November 2004

Peter Thomas examines the work of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, who died in October

Postmodernism and the left

Submitted on 7 October, 2004 - 00:01 :: Marxism and postmodernism

Click here for Barbara Epstein's article from from New Politics, vol. 6, no. 2 (new series), whole no. 22, Winter 1997.

Madrid, morals and moralism

by Gerry Byrne

My immediate reaction to the Madrid bombing I imagine I shared with millions across the political spectrum. It is the second thoughts that divide us. I don't quite know how to express my disquiet at some of those second thoughts expressed on the left.

Post-modern, pre-rational?

Submitted on 6 March, 2004 - 00:00 :: Books | Marxism and postmodernism | Solidarity 3/47, 4 March 2004

'How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World: a History of Modern Delusions' by Francis Wheen

This book comes with a fluffy duck on the cover and a recommendation from Nick Hornby, so I expected to find it dire. Fortunately my expectation was confounded. This is a sustained political polemic from one of the most talented polemicists alive.

Marx's Grundrisse and the "post-modern" era

Submitted on 15 October, 1998 - 00:30 :: Marxism and postmodernism

For Murray Kane's article in Workers' Liberty 50/51, click here.

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